"Make the Center of your Event, the Center of Everyone's Attention"

Introducing our all new "ProSpark" Indoor Firework Sparklers System! Command the attention of your guests and amaze your onlookers with our theatrical dancefloor add ons! Step into a cloud for your first dance as newlyweds, as sparks fly! Add to the thrill and excitement of your live musical performance with a custom program of indoor fireworks at peak moments of your show! Ring in the new year with a spectacular simulated pyrotechnics show that kicks off at midnight! All ProSpark fixtures produce EXHILARATING bursts of  sparks that can be controlled in height (up to 15 feet), duration, sequences, and timing - providing for a breathtaking fireworks show that is sure to command the attention of spectators and create one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime. 


SF Dancefloors is proud to announce that we are the FIRST in Northern California to offer this new and cutting edge theatrical technology that allows for SPECTACULAR indoor (and outdoor) fireworks displays that are:
  • SAFE: No heat, the ProSpark indoor firework sparklers do not have an ignition source and are NOT classified as pyrotechnics. The "sparks" are created by a process reaction in using Titanium granules. This produces an illuminated shower of "sparks," which do NOT pose a fire hazard and can even be touched by hand!
  • ODORFREE: No odors are caused by the use of this sparkler system.
  • FIRE CODE COMPLIANT: Does not violate fire code or local ordinances, in fact we provide a 100% money back guarantee that this sparkler system will be permitted by local ordinance and will not impact any in-house  fire alarm systems or C02 Sensors. We will even cover the costs of any inspection or audit by local authorities that may be required for the use of this Prospark indoor fireworks sparkler system. 
  • VENUE FRIENDLY: We will work diligently with your event space to alleviate any concerns around the use of this indoor fireworks system. This system has been utilized without issue at some of the biggest venues, hotels, resorts, banquet halls, and other event spaces in the country, and we are readily available to demonstrate how safe our indoor sparkler system really is!